What's My Hat Size?

If you're worried about finding the right hat size, we've made it simple for you.

Sometimes our hats come in one size only - but don't worry, these hats have an inner adjustable drawstring that you can simply pull to reduce the size of the hat by 1-2 cm.

If you would like to know your exact size, simply wrap a measuring tape (or a string and measure it on a ruler later) around your head (over the centre of your forehead, above your ears where your hat would normally sit).

Please refer to our sizing chart below:

 Ladies Men
One Size - 56 cm to 59 cm (adjustable string) Small - 55 cm
Medium - 56 cm Medium - 57 cm
Large - 58 cm Large - 59 cm
* if it is one size only, you can still reduce the size of the hat by 1-2 cm Extra Large - 61 cm